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RERA Lawyers in Noida – Property Registration

Property Law Firm Lawyers in Noida

In India to regulate the transfer of property we have Transfer of property Act 1882. As per the property Act 1882. We have the guideline which tells us about the conditions and the provisions what constitute transfer.

Transfer of property means a person could transfer any kind of property, which could be movable property or immovable property. As per the transfer of property act a person can convey the property one or more than one person. He may convey the property to himself too. Here the person could be company, individual, association or body of individuals.

The transfer of property act could also be done for the future and present both.

We can categories the property broadly into two parts as per property Act:-

  1. Movable property 
  2. Immovable property

Immovable property includes the thing which cannot be moved from one place to another place, basically the things which are attached to the earth or has been permanently fixed to the earth can be classified into the immovable property as per property Act. We can further take examples as buildings, land, hereditary allowances, ferries lights, right to ways or any kind of benefits which is attached to land and arise out of land.

Exceptions: – Growing crops, Grass, Standing Timber.

Every person could become competent to transfer property if he is competent to contract, which could be again transferred in part or in whole.

Research has shown that the anxiety of moving house or buying property is one of the most stressful events that can occur throughout your life, in addition to divorce and bereavement. Organizing everything before your move, as well as dealing with complexities of the legal process can prove to be very testing.

At Team Legal, we hope to guide you through the process, providing safe, sound, reliable advice from the start of your transaction, through to final registration of your home.

Therefore, at Team Legal, we can assure you that your transaction will be overseen by highly experienced and fully qualified team, allowing you to rest easy in the knowledge that you will receive very high standards of customer care and quality advice.

The teams within these establishments are committed to the delivery of first rate legal services to property buyers, sellers and investors.

Team Legal has expert lawyers for property matters. Our dedicated lawyers handle property cases in Noida, Delhi & Gurgaon..

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